If you are looking for more information about our program, make sure to check out the frequently asked questions!

In case you are still having more questions, feel free to get in touch with us at any time!


  • How will the surf course take place ?
    We want you to be able to catch the best waves. Therefore, the surf trainer will individually decide each morning, depending on weather and tides,when the perfect time for the class will be.

    Each session starts with a warm-up and a briefing from the coach. After that we will jump into the water for 1.5 hours where our French-speaking surf instructor will track your progress and give you individual advice to help you improve. Don’t worry if you don’t immediately understand everything! There will always be a certified anguage teacher close by to support you. After all, we also want to join in the fun! 🏄

    Afterwards we will close each session with short essential post-workout stretches and a debrief from the instructor.
  • Am I fit enough to surf?
    For sure! A healthy and active lifestyle is more than enough. The more you’ll practice with us the fitter you’ll get! 🤙
  • Is it dangerous?
    Mais non!

    The Atlantic Ocean has the perfect beginner waves, the certified instructors are professionally trained and the beach is constantly patrolled. However, we are not liable for your safety, so make sure to get a European health care & accident insurance before your trip (many credit cards include it).
  • What will we do if we have bad weather?
    There is no such thing as bad weather! It’s only water so shake it off and dive into the ocean! 😝
  • What happens if I get sick?
    It is fully up to you which activities you want to take part in. If you are not well, take a day off! Capbreton has excellent hospitals in case you will need a doctor. Don’t forget to bring your proof of health insurance! 😉
  • Is the Surf gear included?
    Of course it is! The surf school provides wet-suits, and surfboards in all different sizes and shapes for every participant.
    You only need to bring your swim suits and flip flops for the way through the hot sand!🏖
  • Can I bring my own surf gear?
    Of course you can!
  • Do I have insurance?
    We do not provide insurance – please make sure to get a European health care & accident insurance before you start your trip (many credit card providers offer good options).


  • How will the French classes take place?
    All participants will have plenty of opportunities to practice their French skills during the intensive language week in France. The vocabulary trained in the courses will be specific topics like travel, sport and French cuisine. Through the (optional) accommodation in a shared house and the French leisure programme, everyone will have a fully immersive experience with the language and culture of France.

    The classes take place either in the morning or in the afternoon in small groups of approximately 4-8 people.
    Duration: 120 minutes per day plus additional 120 minutes of surfing in French and optional 60 minutes of Yoga in French.

    All our trainers are highly experienced native speakers with exceptional qualifications for teaching French as a foreign language. The lessons are full of variation and give you many opportunities to explore the cultural characteristics of France.
  • Where will the classes take place?
    Depending on the weather and our mood we can have the class in our surf-house on the lovely terrace or we will take the class outdoors – for instance in a bakery, a restaurant or even on the beach!🥐
  • Who will teach the classes?
    All classes will be taught by our highly professional French trainers from Le Bon Mot!
  • What happens if my French skills do not fit the group’s level?
    Don’t worry – if that’s the case, we will simply form several groups per level to guarantee you the optimal learning experience.
  • Do I need to bring my own French books with me?
    No not at all – all the materials are included! You can additionally download our app to prepare yourself for the beach!
  • How many people will participate?
    We at Le Bon Mot prefer quality over quantity! Therefore, there will be a maximum of 12 participants per trip and 8 participants per class.
  • Are only existing Le Bon Mot customers allowed to join?
    No – absolutely everyone who wants to learn French with fun is more than welcome!


  • Is the accommodation included?
    During booking you can choose between a double room, a single room or no room – which means that you have to find your own accommodation. Perhaps you could also camp by the beach? 😉
  • Who will I share a room with?
    You have the following options:

    • Double room: Depending on the occupancy rate you will be accommodated with max. one participant of the same sex.
      Of course we take your personal wishes and preferences into account – and do not worry, only nice people book with us! 😇
    • Single room: You will enjoy full freedom – stretch out on the double bed and let loose! 😉
    • Self-booking: You will choose your own accommodation.
  • Will I have enough spare time?
    Absolutely – with the exception of 4 hours per day you will be free to do whatever you like.
  • Food – what are the options?
    There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Capbreton and Hossegor – we are talking about France after all, so what do you expect?!🍷

    In addition, we will include two joint dinners at the start and the end of the week! 🍖
  • What are my additional options?
    You can register for a daily yoga class (5 times) and a day trip to Bordeaux including a wine tasting. The rest won’t be revealed yet! 😊
  • What Yoga program will be offered?
    The classes are suitable for every level and take place either before or after the surf sessions depending on our schedule.

    The early morning sessions are activating Vinyasa Flow sessions that increase your energy level and strengthen specific movements that are used during surfing. The afternoon sessions are more relaxed Hatha Yoga where your body and mind are brought into harmony through specific breathing techniques and deep muscle stretches. This helps you to regenerate and rebalance after a long day of surfing.

    Each session concludes with along Savasana relaxation during which you can enjoy a soft neck massage and completely let go to the elemental power of the ocean.
  • What’s the minimum age to participate?
    The minimum age for the Surf & French trips is 14 years.
  • Are there childcare facilities?
    It is totally possible to organize childcare for younger children on site!
  • Can I bring my pets?
    Unfortunately, no – pets are not allowed in the house or on the beach.
  • Are towels and bed sheets included?
    Yes, they are. But you will need to bring additional towels for the beach.
  • Is the journey included?
    No, the journey to Capbreton has to be organized by every participant individually! ✈🚗🚌🚂
    Find more details here!


  • I have to cancel – what can I do?
    If you can’t participate for whatever reason (sickness etc.) you can name a substitute to use your place instead. Please let us know the substitute’s contact details including address via e-mail before the trip starts.
  • What happens if the minimum participant count is not reached?
    If the minimum number of 4 participants is not reached, we will contact you at least 20 days prior to departure and offer you a different date or a 100 % refund – you can choose freely between those options.
  • Can I receive a company invoice?
    Of course!

    Corporate customers simply enter their company name in our webshop and will receive a B2B invoice according to European TVA law after a few days. Please contact us by e-mail if your company is not located in the EU or you have more specific questions.
  • Can I book an individual trip?
    Yes, you can! If you, your company or your club would like to book the trip just for yourselves without other participants we will gladly organize it for you!

    Please contact us for further details.
  • Can I pay cash?
    No, we only accept electronic payment options for security reasons. Besides – it’s just easier.
  • What happens if my payment is late?
    We reserve your spot for 7 days after the booking and at the latest two days before departure. In the case of late payment, late payment interest of 8% p.a. (for private customers) or 12% p.a. (for companies) will be charged from the day following the due date plus reminder fees of 50 € and debt collection charges.
  • How high is the cancellation fee?
    The cancellation fee will be calculated from the day we receive your binding cancellation via email:

    • up to 58 days before departure: 25% of the tour price
    • 28 to 57 days: 50% of the tour price
    • less than 28 days / no cancellation: 100% of the tour price
    It is always advisable to have a private cancellation insurance or pay via credit card if it includes a travel cancellation insurance.
  • Imprint
    The language trip is arranged by Le Bon Mot GmbH, Florianigasse 10/3/2, 1080 Vienna. We arrange the language course in France and optional related travel services (surf course, accommodation, yoga, day trip). The language course and the local tour guide are provided by Le Bon Mot France.

    The travel services are subject to change without notice due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants, cancellation by a service provider, force majeure or unforeseeable events. There is no claim for compensation or execution.